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3 Jul 14 - 3 Jul 14
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Racing Since: 3/17/08

  • Street Credit: 32601
  • Lives In: Diamond Point
  • Team: Racers Anonymous
6/16/14 11:12 PM
Best Leader and Best Friend you can ever have. Thanks Man <3 -I C H I G O -Bloody Diamonds -Racers Anonymous
5/30/14 12:15 AM
this kid is 1320% legit he is there id u are down and he will help u get back up
4/10/14 8:26 AM
Thanks for the team invite Boss ... i appreciate it ... Have a fantastic Day
7/18/13 10:23 PM
awsome guy did a huge deal! everything went smooth like a baby azz! thx alot my bro! #ming legit
12/26/10 10:53 AM
Merry Chrstmas bro
Mr Jennings
12/25/10 1:01 PM
Happy Holidays buddy... Be safe and has FUN!!! ~MJ~
10/24/10 7:55 AM
Dang, so far hes the most legit guy on nitto. So legit hes almost legit as me. NO THATS LEGIT. lol Thanks for being Legit as ou are. We need more ppl like you. Kepp PWNING BRO! GL
7/14/10 10:05 PM
1320& LEGEND Keep It Up Bomama1
7/07/10 4:33 PM
Congrats on Legen bruhski! Keep up the awesome racing! =] - executionR - Billy Joe
All Star J
7/05/10 10:10 PM
Gongratz on legend man... jR
legend racer36
6/07/10 9:52 PM
the legit guy in game ever he hooked me up after i got knocked legit guy ever 10000000000000000% legit keep up the legit
5/26/10 2:16 PM
legit right here hired me for grfx. put them on for him payed immediately
3/23/10 10:12 AM
/ ..---_______----_] ..../_==o;;;;;;__.:/ ....), ---.(_(__) / ...// (..) ), ----" ..//___// . .//___// You'v Been Tagged By One Of The Top GunZ In Nitto Legendary AntiLag

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